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The meeting opened at approximately 7.50pm with Chris Gough as the Chair.


Gail Charlier (Principal), Kate Young, Di Phillips, Fiona Mackenzie, Jonathan Boyd, Ria Giann, Chris Gough & Kylie Callanan


Apologies advised: Marcel Parrett, John Kombos, Jo Graham, Brenda Smith, Lea Chahoud & Kylie Fergusson

3.Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday, 18 November 2014 were tabled and accepted.

Moved: Fiona Mackenzie

Seconded: Jonathan Boyd


4.Business Arising

Chris Gough

No business arising.


Chris Gough

No correspondence tabled.

6.Treasurers Report

Chris Gough

  • At 24 March 2015, the P&C held funds in the bank account totalling $282,000. Not a lot of outgoings for last month.
  • Aleisa Doherty has been working on Schools 24 re payments processing– Chris will follow that item up.
  • Thank you Kate Young for volunteering to be our treasurer. A handover with Aleisa has been scheduled. Special thanks to Aleisa for caretaking the Treasurer role over the last few months.

Moved: Di Phillips

Seconded: Fiona Mackenzie


7.Principal and Vice Principal’s Report

Gail Charlier advised:

  • 3/4N have moved to their new demountable classroom and the library has re-opened.
  • Parent focus groups were conducted and over 200 responses were received to the school plan survey. A communication sharing the results could clarify some of the items raised by parents in the survey.
  • Strategic direction document will be published on the website when finalised.
  • Ethics has been rolled out for years 1-6 (commencing in term 2 for Kinder).

8.President's Report

Chris Gough advised:

  • P+C committee recruitment drive is continuing and we are please to formally confirm the positions of Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.Kate Young has agreed to be P&C Treasurer for 2015 and Kan Bala has agreed to be Assistant Treasurer.We also thank last year’s Assistant Treasurer, Halil Topalcik, who has agreed to support the roles as needed.We also wish to confirm and thanks Jenny Wong who has agreed to coordinate the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls again this year.Good progress with the fete committee & other fundraising committees. Still outstanding is the performance committee although this will not impact the Easter Hat Parade.
  • Working with website contact on common drive filing. This is an ongoing project, which started with the fete committee last year, as a way of sharing corporate knowledge and providing a seamless handover of documentation.
  • Grants committee have submitted request for joint funding for the toilet block (external and internal toilets). Exec approved up to $75,000 matched funding for stage 1 redevelopment (request to ratify in expenditure approval).
  • A number of parents requested gift for Kate Shannon for contribution to uniform shop up to $100 (request to ratify in expenditure approval).
  • Requirement to finalise the calendar for the year’s events (eg Trivia Night, activityathon, disco) so this is an action to complete over the next few weeks. Chris to send out copy of school calendar which Donna has provided.

9.Sub-Committee Reports

  1. Workplace Health & Safety report

    No Report.

  2. Canteen

    No Report.

  3. Grants Committee

No Report.

  1. Trivia Night

    Jonathan Boyd

  • Looking to set a date for the trivia night
  • Chris to forward copy of school events calendar
  1. Fete Committee

    Kylie Fergusson (update provided by Kylie Callanan)

  • Fete Committee will meet on Monday 30 March
  • Approx 10 volunteers so far have joined the fete committee
  1. Uniform Shop

No Report.

  1. Playground Committee

Jo Graham (update provided by Kylie Callanan)

  • Preparing a report for next P&C Meeting
  1. Performance Committee

No Report.

  1. Crazy Camels Fundraising

Di Phillips

  • Processes improvement opportunities have been provided. It has been recommended that this initiative run like book club with family involvement rather than teachers or the committee.
  • Artwork & ordering managed by each family with a unique code and the orders then received at school and distributed by nominated teacher.

Chris will follow up & discuss communication plan.

  1. Class Parents

    Fiona Mackenzie

  • Most classes have class parents assigned, some year 4&5 classes to go, Fiona to confirm.
  • Gail to follow up with the exec team as to whether new teachers are aware of class parents and their role.
  • Fiona will contact class parents asking them to introduce themselves at parent / teacher interviews (if they have not done so already).

10.Expenditure Approval

Ratification requested:

  1. $75,000 for toilet block redevelopment (Stage 1)
  2. Up to $100.00 for a thank you gift for Kate Shannon

Unanimously carried.

11.Other business

  1. Gail advised that Zoe Stevens will be leaving at the end of term 1.

Meeting closed at 8.46pm.

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