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7.45pm in the School Library.


1. Attendance

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of previous meeting

4. Correspondence

5. Business arising

6. Treasurer’s Report

7. Principal’s Report

8. President’s Report

9. Sub - Committee Reports

• Canteen Committee

• Uniform Shop Committee

• Playground Committee (Playground Plan to be tabled at the meeting)

• Performance Committee

• Grants Committee

• Fete Committee

• Trivia Night Committee

10. General Business

11. Expenditure Approval

Teachers wish list (Gail Charlier)

Ipad proposal (Andrew Braiding)

2015 P&C support for school programs (Gail Charlier)

12. Any other matters


Downloads Meeting Minutes 28th October 2014/images/uploads/content/4666237_17_FINAL - 28_10_2014_P&C_Meeting_Minutes.docx
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