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As you may have already noticed we've upgraded the website with a new easier to use design and some helpful new features. 

If you already have an existing account you can login with your current details. Follow the instructions to upgrade your account to be able to use the new system.

For all new users just register an account and complete your profile setup.

What's New?

We've changed the way you can receive news into your dashboard. When you create or upgrade your account you can customise your profile to only follow news that is relevant to you and your family. 

We've also changed the layout to make it easier to get the news you want from a range of devices like your phone and tablet.

Supporting the P&C

If you are a business we've introduced an easy new feature to allow you to promote your organisation across the website as a business sponsor. You'll get your own page to promote your business and help the P&C raise much needed funds to continue to provide support for the school, students and community. Just click on the business sponsor link in your dashboard to find out more. 

If you want more exposure you can look a range of other sponsorship packs available in the shopping cart.

A new shopping cart design

We've also applied a new design to the shopping cart to provide you with easier access to purchasing P&C fundraising products, tickets and other items. We've also simplified the shopping cart process so you can check out faster.

Getting involved

If you want to help out more with the P&C then you can follow a committee news feed to stay up to date with committee information, making it easier for you to get involved where you can. 

We've also made it easier for you to communicate with your committee members by leaving a message in their online profile. 

What's Next?

We value your feedback and will always continue to improve the system to provide you an easy way to engage with your school and community. 

We hope you like the changes, and would like to thank-you for your feedback. 

The ParentsTalk Team.

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Thank-you to all our sponsors

We would like to say thank-you to all our sponsors for their continued support.