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Quality Education in a safe and nurturing environment.​

Drummoyne Public School is a dynamic Kindergarten to Year 6 school which has been educating local students for over 125 years. We are proud of our record of high academic achievement, and promote a love of learning through a challenging and nurturing environment.

All students have weekly lessons in a second language, either Greek or Italian. The school has a gifted & talented teacher for two days each week, plus both Reading Recovery and ESL teachers for students needing such extra tuition. Our IT coordinator maintains our extensive computing facilities, including Connected Classrooms and Interactive WhiteBoards in all classrooms. Drummoyne students are exposed to a wide variety of educational and social experiences.

All classrooms and the school hall are air conditioned and we are protected from aircraft noise by double-glazed windows.

We host before and after school care in conjunction with St Mark's school.

Every student is encouraged to: strive for maximum potential in all facets of school life; be an effective communicator, problem solver and decision maker; operate as an effective team member; value learning and accept some responsibility for it; and have tolerance and respect for others. 

The Five School Values form the basis of our student welfare philosophy:

FAIRNESS: Treat everyone as your equal, show tolerance and accept differences. Play by the rules, accept people for who they are and share. 

KINDNESS: Be generous, thoughtful and helpful. Be nice to others, look after them, help them and do not be aggressive. No name calling or bullying. 

PERSONAL BEST: Try your hardest and don¿t give up too soon. Believe in yourself. Do the best that you can do and be a risk taker. 

RESPECT: Use good manners and treat people the way you would like to be treated. Appreciate people for who they are by listening to their ideas and feelings, caring for their culture and accepting they may be different to you. 

RESPONSIBILITY: Think before you act, be in control, and own up for your own actions. Be thoughtful, reliable, organised and trustworthy. 

Thank-you to all our sponsors

We would like to say thank-you to all our sponsors for their continued support.